Make the most of your ergonomic workstation and working environment with ergonomic accessories including monitor arms, CPU holders and seating - All available online at computingplus from the links below

Monitor Arms CPU Holders Mobile CPU Holders
  Flat Screen Monitor Arms enabling one or more monitors to float above your workspace or desk. Available as Gas-lift or post mounted. Other versions also available     CPU Underdesk Holders including horizontal versions for mounting the CPU out of harms way under the desk surface     Mobile CPU holders in black and silver gets CPU's off the desk and also off the floor and provides mobility  

Flat-Screen Arm Range

Vertical CPU Holder Range

Under Desk CPU Holders

Footstools including height adjustable versions   Ergonomic Chairs including Therapod Range
Choice of footrests to bring the floor up to those that need it or provide a tilting motion to aid movement and circulation   A variety of ergonomic seating including the highly respected Therapod Range


Ergonomic Work Chairs